For the Driver

For the Driver

Carbon Clean Ltd. Our sole goal is carbon clean solutions for your workshop. We are a UK based company with experience in the automotive aftermarket sector for over 30 years. We as a company are dedicated in establishing solutions and helping you to reduce carbon residuals within an engine exposed to carbon.

Absolutely not! - Using hydrogen gas is proven to be the cleanest and safest method for engine carbon cleaning.

Not only are chemicals inefficient in doing what they are meant to inside an engine, they’re not great for the environment either. Chemicals are expensive to buy on a regular basis and this eats in to YOUR PROFIT. The Carbon Clean machines run entirely on water and electricity. Its unique HHO system only needs its liquid gas filter refilled every six months of use. It also takes half the time of rival systems - and allows your staff to get on with other jobs rather than having to watch it work.

Normally takes 30 mins for any combustion engine

The CC-16’s ‘Shutdown Protection’ program allows you to run a test without you being there. In the event of , the machine is successfully programmed to shutdown automatically using the 12V supply from a car battery.

• Increased MPG
• Better Driving characteristics
• Less engine noise
• Eco-friendly
• Reduce carbon footprint