Garage Wire     June 13, 2017

Carbon Clean to turn on 'profit tap' for UK garages

Engines descarbonising specialist set to help motorists tackle carbon problems while driving a profit for garage network

The CC-16 machine work on any petrol or diesel engine.

 Carbon Clean's decarbonising and engine cleaning system debuted at Atuomechanika in Frankfurt last year and the comapny says it can help tackle the growing problem of carbon deposits in engines.

Over time carbon deposits accumulate in engines leading to a wide range of problems including loss of power, higher fuel consumption and increased damage to engine parts.

 Carbon Clean's CC-16 machine runs on just tap water, meaning there are no harsh chemicals or expansive additives.

 Instead, electrolysis produces highly charged oxygen and hydrogen molecules; the oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture is then called and filtered before it's fed into the engine through the air filer.

Once inside the engine, increased oxygen improves combustion whilst the catalytic properties of the hydrogen get to work so that carbon deposits are broken down and burnt away.

The treatment takes just half an hour, and the machine is fully automated so technicians can work on the vehicle whilst the process is running.

'Business package'

Carbon Clean Centers gain access to a comprehensive business package that includes equipment, training and technical support.

There's marketing help as well as support for users carrying out carbon clean services, through a network of UK engineers.

"Carbon Clean is something garages can offer customers knowing they'll drive away and notice improvements," said Chris Phipps, national sales manager for Carbon Clean.

"Initially it might be reduced engine noise and improved throttle response - later they'll certainly appreciate the improvements in fuel economy that repay the cost of the treatment as they drive."

Garages have the peace of mind of offering a true 'green' solution that uses water only and electricity in cutting emissions and fuel consumption.

To book a demonstration, or to read more about Carbon Clean's profit potentials follow the 'more details' link below.