Garage Wire      May 16, 2017

Carbon Clean to outline opportunities at Mechanex Manchester

Carbon Clean Centres benefit from marketing support, equipment operator training and technical support

Carbon Clean aims to grow a UK network of garages – called Carbon Clean Centres – to deliver quick, clean and effective treatments to their customers’ cars.

Carbon Clean, the engine cleaning system that works on tap water, will be outlining the Carbon Clean Centre opportunity to garages and mobile engineers visiting Mechanex Manchester at Event City on 16th and 17th May.

Mobile operators can also join as Carbon Clean Engineers.

The technology that sets the CC-16 machine apart is its use of electrolysis to break tap water down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules which are blown into the engine as an oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture.

The cleaning potential of oxyhydrogen is well established.

The CC-16 machine delivers this proven technology in a workshop unit.

Oxyhydrogen acts inside the engine to both improve combustion and break down residues.

“The treatment takes 30 minutes,” said Chris Phipps, national sales manager for Carbon Clean.

“The Mechanex show is just a great opportunity to show the quality of the machine and answer questions on the support programme we’ve placed behind it.”

Mechanex promise a free programme of seminars on technical developments, legislation and workshop problems.
Doors open to visitors from 10.00am.